About High Range

Hey there, I'm Stephanie. 

I am the one-woman-show that is everything High Range. And when I'm not knee deep in mom life and working my full time job I am making and curating styles for my shop. 

High Range started with a desire to do something creative that is 100% mine. I’ve always loved to make things and my small business journey is always evolving. From mom life to making and manifesting a life I love, High Range is ever-changing but one thing remains the same- each item, whether handmade or curated by me comes from my passion to deliver you casual, comfortable and effortless style.

-Stephanie, Owner + Maker


Why the eye?!

In Greek culture, the evil eye is known as “mati” (μάτι) — a curse given to someone with a malicious glare that is said to give bad luck or loss to whoever receives it.

You’ve probably heard of or seen someone giving you the “evil eye”, however, many people have come to believe this to be more than a saying. Hence the creation of evil eye jewelry and charms.

If someone is thinking or wishing negatively towards you, the evil eye will protect you from their ill intentions. This is why it’s essential to always wear an evil eye. Having one of these accessories on your body will ward off any negative thoughts and will protect you all day.